Cleopatraz Beauty Therapist Courses

Cleopatraz Nail Technology Courses

Upon completion of our full nail technology course, students are equipped with knowledge of a wide range of internationally and locally available Nail systems and products including Gel, Acrylic and Fiberglass. Our practical approach to training ensures that our students gain the skills needed to launch a highly successful career in the Nail Industry either as employees or as entrepreneurs running their own nail studios.

As part of the training package, each student receives a complete product and accessory kit for the specific modules that they sign up for and are encouraged to make maximum use of these to practice the skills learned in the classroom.

A critical part of the training program is the internship opportunity at Cleopatraz beauty and wellness Spa, where our learners are assigned an experienced beautician to provide the much needed further practical training and support for a period of 2 weeks. The experiential learning gained over this period further reinforces the learning from the class room and provides practical real experiences in the work space.

Our fees include all the relevant training materials including learner guides, power point slides and training manuals. The fees also include the examination which is mandatory in order to receive the Silver international certificate. Additional assessments towards acquiring SETA accreditation are available through an external certified Assessor for an additional fee.


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