Courses covered as part of the Cleopatraz nail technician training program

Basic Theory

  • Anatomy of the Nail
  • Bacteria and other infectious agents
  • Sanitation and Disinfection


Product Chemistry and Safety

  • Product chemistry simplified
  • Safety in the salon


Nail Preparation and Cleopatraz shellac gel Polish application

  • Basics steps in nail preparation
  • Steps in application of Cleopatraz shellac gel Polish
  • Steps in removing Cleopatraz shellac gel Polish


Gel Nail Systems

  • T3 fibregel
  • Kapping gel
  • Shimmerize gel
  • Starlite and builder gel
  • Acrygel


Acrylic systems

  • Ultimate lyte acrylic
  • Original acrylic
  • Dipping system


Fiberglass and Silk

  • Introduction to fiberglass and silk
  • Features and benefits of fiberglass/ silk
  • Application techniques



  • Basic manicure techniques
  • Spa manicures
  • Arm and hand massage


Pedicure Course

  • Basic pedicure techniques
  • Foot massage
  • Spa pedicures
  • Feet wraps and paraffin baths


Salon Business management

  • Basics steps to starting your nail studio/bar
  • Tips on running your business professionally