Shellac Gel Polish

Our shellac gel is a long lasting non-chipping polish that applies easily and lasts up to 6 weeks on toes and 4 weeks on finger nails. This top of the range product keeps our clients coming back for more due to the irresistible colour range and high value for money.


There are two shellac gel polish options to choose from:

3 in 1 Gel:

Our 3 in 1 shellac gel polish is an excellent choice for the at-home user that promises long-lasting wear for up to three weeks. It’s a one-step gel, which means that it doesn’t require a base or top coat. You simply apply two layers of color, cure each coat, and you’re done! The polish dries to a shiny, tacky-free finish.

R 145 per Bottle
Request a price for larger quantities


Extra Long Lasting Gel Polish:

Flaunt your creativity and bring any nails to life with our exceptionally high quality long lasting shellac gel polish. With incredible colour choices and very easy application, this gel polish is fun and creates amazing nail art for any occasion.

R 135 per Bottle
Request a price for larger quantities