Backpack Special – Bacial

My dream Hollywood dress is a sequenced, wine red, backless dress, but unfortunately I have had a run in with bacne (Back acne). My back has blemishes and pimples that I have struggled with for year. At first, I turned to my trusted friend, Google, to see how I can treat this bacne of mine. After trying all the homemade DIY’s and Wiki-how’s, I gave up and just pretended to live as if I never had these problems at all.


When the backpack special came out, I thought it was going to be just another massage with some special oils. Instead, it is basically like a facial for the back – a bacial that ends off with a 30 minute back massage (it is a 60minute treatment)


The 4 step treatment, runs as follows


  • Exfoliate

I have tried all these pour-cleansing scrubs on my face and exfoliating products on my skin, but when you are one-man exfoliating, it is really hard to reach your back. Despite the number of times my mother has teased me for my long arms, I still struggle to exfoliate and reach my entire back area. Having a therapist like Grace carefully exfoliating my entire back for me with a scrub that wasn’t aggressive on my skin (you can feel it’s removing the dead skin cells but not harming the skin in an way) was great!

  • Mask

When the mask was applied, I really did feel like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. The smell of the mask and the feeling of the clay texture on my scrubbed back was very relaxing. Many a times, I come into the spa just trying to deal with my muscles and inner issues of my back, but it was the first time that the actual skin on my back was being taken care of. The mask stays on for about 10-15minutes (just like in a facial). What’s nice is when I was wrapped up, the therapist did not leave me alone in the room wrapped up with the mask on, she stayed with me and gave me an indian head massage on my scalp while the mask set.


  • Hot compress

On the day of my treatment, the South African weather decided that it wants to act and feel more like Europe in its height of winter. Even my car steering wheel was too cold to handle. The Hot Compress therefore became my favourite part of this treatment.. They use the Hot compress the mask off, Weirdly enough, one of the best feelings in the world is having a steaming hot towel run down your back when removing the mask after the hot compress. The sensation reminds me of waking up on my Birthday and my parents have brought me breakfast in bed. Or when you hug a friend after not seeing them for a long duration of time. ,



  • Massage

The massage itself feels different because of the new baby skin that the exfoliation has left you with and the back muscles have been warmed beforehand. The oils absorb into your skin in a different way and for the first time ever, I felt as it I was able to get up, slip on my Hollywood sequenced, wine red, backless dress and take on the world.


Each element of the back pack has been carefully worked out to complement each other and achieve relaxation on an area that needs the attention.


I suggest this treatment for everyone. Let Cleopatraz take control of your back skin issues or pamper an area that really needs the extra attention. . Weeks after the treatment, I still feel the effect of the treatment and even built up the courage to wear an open back shirt to an event I went to.


Ladies who have open backs dresses planned for Matric Dance, I do recommend that you book this treatment at least a week or two before the event.

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