Corporate Wellness: Focus on Happiness as a Success Factor

The art of happiness and why it is important for success was the topic chosen for the dynamic team from both Myezo Environmental Management Services and ZenQ Designs.  What an amazing fun-filled day with this enthusiastic team!

Sharing their ideas of what happiness means to them made for a great icebreaker and the relaxed atmosphere of Cleopatraz Spa made for a wonderful winding down to 2016's busy year.  The team is very passionate about their work and it was refreshing to witness the friendly banter and shared experiences created by their director, Babalawa Fatyi.

Find out more about their great work on their websites and

After a lovely meal, they enjoyed an inspirational talk by Ayesha Malagas from Stars Wellness followed by a relaxing afternoon of pampering by the Cleopatraz Spa team. If you're looking for an inspirational talk, take a look at Stars Wellness to cover all you're needs.

For your corporate event, please contact Cleopatraz Spa on 071 3476 191 or email for more information.

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