Hot Stone Massage

With the cold frosty winter round the corner, I decided to book a Cleopatraz 90 minute Hot Stone Massage treatment. I am committed to posting blogs that are 100% honest and honestly speaking, this was the best massage I have ever had.


When I arrived at the Spa, it felt as though my body temperature was around 5 degrees Celsius. For some reason, I had been feeling colder than usual even though I had been wrapped up in several items of clothing. It was like I was Elsa from Frozen and even when my therapist, Grace, held my hand; she too was surprised by how cold I was. It was as if I was going to burst into my own rendition of “Let It Go”. Grace has 6 years experience in the beauty industry and really is a gifted massage therapist.


Just like the rest of the general population that has seen photos of Hot Stone Massages, I thought it would be a normal massage and then Grace will just place the hot stones on my back and I will look like one of the models on Cleopatraz website. Luckily, there was more in store for me. Grace used her hands as well as the stones to massage my body so I had the benefits of her skilful hands as well as the warmth from the heated stones. This combined with the Spicy scented oil (which was the complex I chose with Black pepper and Cinnamon in) it felt as though the hot stones shot my body temperature form 5 degrees to 20 degrees. They had pre-heated the bed with a heater blanket and kept the room warm with a heater. My cold, Elsa like body was in so much bliss that I melted away and turned into Rapunzel from Tangled, but instead of gleaming hair, I had a gleaming heart. At one stage during the massage she even placed the warm stones in my hands to warm me up while she continued to massage other areas. I honestly felt my fingertips for the first time that day.

TIP: I do recommend that you have someone drive you home once you are done with this massage, or make sure to schedule in some relaxation time after your massage to fully wake up before driving because you will truly feel like you are in La la Land.


So, with the expected cold weather coming in, I really do recommend that you take the time to get a Hot Stone Massage. It will warm you up and really melt away any cold that is seeping into your system.

Hot Stones

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