Indian Head Message

I have been blessed with two beautiful best friends that I love and cherish. We are the typical girls that do everything together and love spending time with one another, so on the day of one of my best friend’s birthday, I decided to treat us all to an Indian Head Massage. For 19 year olds, going to a spa on your birthday is probably the classiest thing you could do. In order to give this blog a fresh outlook on things, I decided to write about my friend’s reactions to everything that happened.


When we drove into Cleopatraz, they were pleasantly surprised by the calming affect the décor and sound had on them. Since it was exam season, you could physically see all our shoulders relax and surrender to the calming environment. As the girl’s filled in their client consultation form, the therapists were eager to help out with terminologies that they did not understand. After Nicola had explained the treatment and shown us where we can leave our clothes, behind closed doors the girls commented on their excitement to finally let loose and have a moment of tranquillity.


We were situated outside due to the sunny weather that blessed the day. I must say, you have not lived until you have had your skin kissed by the sun whilst someone helps remove the kinks in your upper body. We opted for a wet Indian massage that entails that oils are used on our skin to help facilitate the treatment. Having someone massage your scalp and face really helps you de-stress especially after hours of studying. The therapists really know how to read your body and where you need work without you even saying so.


TIP- if the therapist is too hard or soft; do not hesitate to let them know so they can adjust their pressure and you can get the best treatment suited for you..


After the treatment, each therapist explained to us individually where our tension lies and what additional treatments can be used to help reach these areas on the next spa visit. The girls where so peaceful and for the first time in our long friendship, they these talkative friends of mine were at a loss for words. The birthday girl even drifted off to sleep halfway through our conversations.


Overall, the treatment itself is so special so do not hesitate to have one and bring along someone who too is special to you.


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