Kenilwe Interview- Miss Common Wealth Finalist

In great anticipation to Kenilwe upcoming finals at Miss Commonwealth, we had a sit down interview with her to discuss her time spent here at the Spa thus far.

How did you hear about the spa?
Babalwa Fayti from ZenQ told me about the Spa. She is my mentor.

What treatments have you had?
Almost everything. From facials, skin peels, nails, body massages. My favourite ones are the nails and massages

What retail products are you using?
Essel, Dermaplex skincare products, Humankind body butter

What is your beauty routine?
1. Face wash- the DermaPlex 3 in 1
2. Serum
3. Moisturiser with SPF 20

What is your beauty tip?
Watch what you eat. Growing up in the rural areas I accustomed myself to eat raw organic food, which is what I stick to now.

What is Miss Commonwealth?
It is a charitable pageant. It promotes culture value of giving back and developing our communities

What charities are you associated with or run?
I run my own charity called Tsogangrediren Youth Foundation

What does Tsogangrediren Youth Foundation do?
We render basic toiletries (soaps, toothpaste, deodorants); give career advice, toys to children and offer life coaching

How can our followers contact you?
We have a Facebook page called Tsogangrediren Youth Foundation. You can email us on and phone us on 079 646 8570

What advice would you give to women?
Women empowerment does exist. Attend women conferences and search for women who want to mentor you because they are out there and necessary for your journey.

All the best Keneilwe! We here at Cleopatraz are supporting you and the good work that you are doing.

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